Best of The Netherlands tours

go for unforgettable
Multiple top sights in one day

Best of the Netherlands tours

Multiple top sights in 1 day

Book a tour at Best of the Netherlands tours and you will get the best value for money, multiple top sights in one day, more distance and more adventure, an English speaking guide, all transportation and a free snack pack. You will see some hidden gems, highlights you didn’t even know existed, and amazing views. Truly the Netherlands at its best.

Northern Highlights

Northern Highlights

The Beautiful windmills of the “Zaanse schans”, a world famous dyke, a historic Frisian town and the “Muiderslot”, one of the most beautiful medieval castles in the world. This tour really has it all!

Hidden Gems

This very special daytrip takes you to lesser known, but truly magical places. See the monumental village of “De Rijp” and the magnificent windmill of Schermerhorn. Experience the oldest working planetarium in the world and be amazed by the mystery  of the mummies of Wieuwerd!

Famous Holland

In one day you will see the beautiful town of Delft, with its canals and towers, and the political center of the country at The Hague. You will also get a bird’s eye view of our proud and modern port city of Rotterdam and, last but not least, we take you to the UNESCO world heritage site of Kinderdijk, where the sight of 19 original windmills will impress you for sure!

dutch glory urk lighthouse

Dutch Glory

This day tour takes you to the charming fishing village of Urk, with its characteristic white lighthouse. From here, we continue our way to Giethoorn, the “Venice of the North” with its many bridges and other beauties. We also visit the old and very picturesque Hansa town of Hattem, where you can admire a splendid medieval town gate and -to make this tour entirely complete- a beautiful and still working windmill.

netherlands tours tulip route

Tulip Route

Only at springtime you can see Dutch fields transfer into the iconic, colorful seas of flowers. If you happen to be in The Netherlands in April, don’t miss the chance to go with us to the Noordoostpolder, the biggest flower growing region of the country. There we’ll follow the Tulip Route, according to National Geographic “one of the worlds ultimate road trips”.

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Best of The Netherlands tours

Go for unforgettable

Northern highlights, hidden gems, famous Holland, Dutch glory, tulip route

Multiple top sights in one day
No nonsense, no tourist traps
More distance, more adventure
Best value for money
The Netherlands at its best

Best value for money
netherlands tours

Flexible dates and starting points

All our tours can also be operated as private services!
With flexible dates and starting points!

This is an excellent way to see The Netherlands for:
  • Families
  • Groups of friends
  • (foreign) students
  • Your (foreign) employees
  • Invited delegations who can be offered a great daytrip etc.
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The Netherlands at its best

We offer a unique mix of the country’s top sights and the lesser known, but equally great destinations. In one day, you’ll see 3 to 5 very different, amazing places! Besides more great sights, our tours cover far more distance than other tours, that usually stay in the vicinity of Amsterdam. With us, you really see the country!

And because we want to be an honest -no nonsense- company, we don’t lead you into tourist traps (compulsory visits to souvenir shops etc). Our time is travel and sightseeing time! Because of all that, we believe that our tours are really the best value for money!
We’re looking forward to show you the best of the Netherlands. See you soon!

Best of the Netherlands tours

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More distance, more adventure

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